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After taking up jiu jitsu in my forties, I found myself struggling to absorb and apply basic technique. Whilst I persevered, eventually I decided to seek out some private lessons to assist with my development, and it was through this process that I began to train with Ryan. I have found Ryan to be an exceptional teacher. His ability to accurately identify the problem and correct my technique has been first class. Ryan has not only assisted me to be competitive against my peers, but he has also helped me to find enjoyment in my training again

John K - Over 40s BJJ practitioner

I could not recommend Jon highly enough. He is not only a highly skilled Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling practitioner but also an incredible coach and person. Jon is able to breakdown grappling moves, ideas and concepts in an easy to understand way. If you are looking at accelerating your grappling skills then you are in safe hands.

Matt D'Aquino - Judo Olympian & Coach

I met Jon when he was visiting Cook Islands and came to our small gym, we are all BJJ practitioners on low rank (white, blue), I had few private sessions with him, he was able to break down my techniques, pin point weak spots and we was able to significantly improve them, in that few lessons he opened new window in my BJJ journey for me. Jon is very good teacher and training with him was joy and I hope that I will meet him again because he is not just BJJ and MMA practitioner he is real martial artist!

Martin Stetka - Cook Islands Jiujitsu Club

Ryan is an absolute legend! He is such a dedicated fighter and trains so hard. Thank you dear friend for being such an incredible mentor to me and for all your support throughout my MMA journey. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Yuki Devine - New Amatuer MMA Fighter & Wimp 2 Warrior Contestant

Training Bjj privately with Ryan And Jon for the past two years has taken my grappling skills to the next level. their boundless enthusiasm for training and teaching is only matched by the high level technical knowledge they possess, and after trying a number go gyms around the country I can honestly say they offer an unmatched and unique program.

Ryan C - Weekend Warrior

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